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The Breakfast Bundle
The Starter Kit

Dales Dairies Milk (1 Litre), Lurpak Spreadable (250g), Yorkshire Tea Bags (40), Gold Blend Coffee, McVities Milk-Chocolate Biscuits, Mrs Darlington's Strawberry Jam, Local Wholemeal Loaf (400g), Sugar (500g), Highland Spring Still Water (1.5 Litre), Princes Pure Orange Juice (1 Litre), Fairy Washing-Up Liquid, Andrex Toilet Roll (4).

Nescafe Gold Blend, Sugar (500g), Kelloggs Cornflakes (Box), Free-Range Eggs (6), Warburtons Wholemeal Loaf (800g), Strawberry Jam - Mrs Darlington's, Sunflower Oil (1 Litre), Dales Dairies Fresh Milk (2 Litre), Local Pork Sausages (6), Yorkshire Tea Bags (40), Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli, Tin of Plum Tomatoes, Heinz Beans, Tomato Ketchup, Princes Pure Orange Juice (1 Litre), Local Dry-Cured Bacon (1lb), Lurpak Spreadable (250g).

Free-Range Eggs (12), Yorkshire Tea Bags (40), Kelloggs Cornflakes, Sugar (500g), Gold Blend Coffee, Strawberry Jam - Mrs Darlington's, Orange Marmalade - Mrs Darlington's, Coca-Cola (1.75 litre), Robinsons Orange Squash, Highland Spring Still Water (1.5 Litre), HP Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Filipo Berio Olive Oil, Kitchen Towel (2 pack), Andrex Toilet Paper (4), Sponge Scourers (6), Fairy Washing-Up Liquid, Lurpak Spreadable (250g), Dales Dairies Fresh Milk (2 Litre), Local Pork Sausages (6), Local Dry-Cured Bacon (1lb), Princes Pure Orange Juice, Bananas (5), Apples (4), Pringles Original (Tube), Local Wholemeal Loaf (400g).

Pringles Original (1 Tube), Pringles Sour Cream and Onion (1 Tube), Borders Chocolate Oat Crumbles, R White's Lemonade (2 Litre), Coca-Cola (1.75 Litre), Dairy Milk (100g), Botham's Yorkshire Brack.

The Everything but the Kitchen Sink
The Snack Pack

The Perfect Way to Start your Holiday

Here at Cross Leigh Stores we offer a wide variety of groceries from Kitchen Towel to Kit-Kat. We also know it can be frustrating to have to go shopping as soon as you arrive on what is supposed to be a relaxing break! With this in mind we have created these welcome packs. Just give us a ring before your holiday, tell us which selection you would like and we'll make sure your choice is ready and waiting for you when you pop in.

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